My Philosophy And Mantras

Behold the mantras! A Leather-Bound Journal is based on a foundation that promotes the highest quality of living, loving, and healing. Carlle created her own list to help her journey through all the crazy shit life throws your way. Her hope is that anyone reading can find a common ground, and if not, then at the very least, encourage them to begin the process of defining their own personal philosophy.


Thinking of the future is daunting which is why being present is the number one priority. Planning is totally OK, but when your anxiety levels get sky high, it’s time to chill out and take a moment to reconnect with your surroundings. Yogi or not, this can be life’s biggest challenge. Illness or not, thinking of what could possibly happen to you tomorrow spoils your mind and your positivity. The worry wrinkles will continue to prosper if you don’t take action. Stop the voices in your head by finding your own mantra that you can repeat silently, and brings you back to reality. Focus in on the now. Feel free exactly where you are. Never rush.


This is a new philosophy. I’ve never been one to get swept up by the cheap thrills of fast fashion because I know just how nasty the industry can be. That said, nobody is perfect (guilty of shopping at Zara from time to time), but researching the ethical practices of your favourite companies is extremely important. Conscious shopping decisions meets awareness of every single touch point of production meets supporting local as much as possible. It also relates to several aspects in life: Buy less, use more. Buy less, create more. Buy less, reuse more. Buy less, love more.


Love shouldn’t hurt. Love shouldn’t judge. Love should heal, and when you love to love, your world becomes brighter. It’s that simple.


Build your cluster. Build it so it’s filled with love, hope, dedication, and truth, and most importantly, selflessness. Give yourself to each and everyone you cherish in your life. Be available. And through honesty and integrity, the same will be returned. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals that support your cause, your change, your goals. No judgement and no bullshit. Just energy, friendship, and support.


Eat as much raw real food that you can get your hands on.  Make sure it’s grown with respect for our environment, our farmers, and our bodies. Eating real foods that are organic come from love and care and a tender green thumb. Anything that needs to go down a process line or needs to be genetically modified eliminates nutrients and reduces any benefit it may say it has. Do what you can by shopping in the produce section and avoiding the middle aisles, and make what you can at home. And always, always, support your local farmers whenever possible.


Thank you to an extremely witty man for giving life to this philosophy. Hardcore involves more than just being straight edge, moshing at punk shows, or covering your body with tattoos. Healing involves more than just fad dieting, juice cleansing, or meditating. Hardcore healing is a mindset where you have no other choice than to heal from something that ails you, and your determination (or stubbornness) helps you to say no to the toxic things that are hurting your mind, body, and spirit. It’s all encompassing. It’s all or nothing. It’s more than living through an autoimmune disease and trying to control every aspect of inflammation. It’s changing your diet to suit your needs, and not giving in to a donut…ever. It’s saying bye-bye to booze and not giving in to a Manhattan…ever. Get it yet? No cheat days. It’s being open to new healthy ways of living that put your body first and your social life second. Hardcore healing, man. Nothing will make you feel more powerful that taking control of your body. And don’t worry – your social life will catch up eventually.


Be educated on what it is you are fighting for. Be open to the endless possibilities that coincide with that fight. When you remain open to anything, your ears and eyes are wide open to take in whatever information is thrown your way. Research until you are exhausted. Although I have a hard time trusting Western medicine, I know they do so many positive things that change the world. However, I still can’t help but feel cheated and restricted by the options they offer for my personal journey. But with an open mind to those offerings, I decide it’s best to educate myself on alternative therapies to healing in order to determine my strongest road to recovery. Your body, your choice. Don’t be blind to what’s offered, just research your stuff before jumping off the ledge into the unknown.


A nurse once told me: “So many people go on medications because of the fear of the unknown.” They didn’t choose the medications because they were educated, they needed it, or they trusted in their medical team. They abided based on fear and that is so sad. I vow to never let fear take control of my choices. To me, knowing your body and trusting the power it holds, no matter how scary a decision might be, can conquer any fear or any obstacle. Like Ann Boroch says, the body has an innate ability to heal. Trust, knowledge, power. Never fear the unknown, because you my darling, have the strength to get through anything. Trust, knowledge, power.