“Just like a cat, she lands on her feet.”

About A Leather-Bound Journal

In March 2016, A Leather-Bound Journal made the jump from being an un-minimalistic online fashion destination to a curated digital space focused on wellness, food, and personal style. Through original content and effortless collaborations with brands and likeminded creatives, ALBJ delivers innovative content in digital and 35mm photographs. ALBJ originally launched in October 2014.

The goal is to connect mindfully, spiritually, fashionably, and honestly, with people all over the world.

Everything posted on ALBJ is based on the philosophies/mantras Carly lives by. When it comes to sharing ideas on wellness, it’s all about a toxin-free and organic lifestyle. All of the recipes are created based on a hardcore healing balance. Moderation is key: Autoimmune paleo, plant-based, raw food, and ketogenic are major themes. Think yin and yang. Think real food. You won’t find any sugar here. Some recipes are original, others are adapted, and many are replicated to put their taste to the test. If it makes Carly feel good, she’ll be sure to share it.

About Carly


Carly is a 5’8″ 20-something girl obsessed with choosing her own adventure. She realizes her day dreams and loves to create. She dresses romantic, always feminine, sometimes vintage, and very playful. Her hair is harlow gold, her lips a sweet surprise. Good vibes include Nirvana, Amen Dunes, The Growlers, Bob Dylan, Frank Ocean, and Joni Mitchell. She’s a water baby who chomps on a lot of greens and takes a Hatha class to get to Zion. On rainy days, she would rather be watching The Royal Tenenbaums, I Love You Man, Annie Hall, Romeo + Juliet, or Almost Famous. Pink is her favourite colour. Her education background includes a Bachelor of Education, as well as a Marketing Diploma.

In July 2014, life for this free spirit turned upside down – Carly was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an incurable and chronic autoimmune disease. From the moment she was labelled, she knew that a natural and holistic approach to healing would be her answer so she quickly turned to food and lifestyle changes. If it wasn’t for a woman by the name of Ann Boroch, Carly would be lost. To read about how about how she’s handled living with the disease, read Part 1 of her MS story (and to find out where she’s at now, be sure to subscribe to the side).

This is only the beginning. A Leather-Bound Journal is her happy place where she shares everything and anything that helps her thrive in this beautiful life. Thanks for stopping by.

Write to Carly at: hello{at}aleatherboundjournal.com


Lives In: Vancouver (can’t get away)

Day Job: Product Stylist

Favorite Designer: I’m inconsistent…currently Ellery, Gucci, Jacquemus, Zimmerman.

Forbidden Foods : Corn, soy, gluten, dairy, sugar, legumes, yeast, nightshades, nasty oils (think canola, safflower, etc.), pistachios, cashews, mushrooms

Fave Fruit: Avocado

Fave Veggie: Onion

Go-To Outfit: Chelsea boots, high waisted denim, shirt…or a frilly mini dress.

Heroes: Mom, Dad, Ann Boroch

Favorite Getaway City: Los Angeles/Marfa

Film or Digital: Film