anti-inflammatory soup recipes

While I take care of a head cold (first one in 2.5 years!), it only seems fitting that I share the top 5 best anti-inflammatory soup recipes I can find on the web right now. In some of the recipes, you might find ginger and garlic, fresh turmeric, or a truckload of dark leafy greens (and if you don’t, add them in). In others, it might be about getting the most amino acids in one bowl, through tons of simmering chicken bones. Be prepared to stay in and stay warm this fall. View Post

raw beet ravioli

I can now say that raw beet ravioli, or rawvioli for short, is one of my all-time favourite dinner dishes. Plant-based meals happens more often than any other cooking theme at my house yet I don’t like to label my eating habits (nor do I want to say I’m one thing or another). I’ve always had a hard time making up my mind, labelling myself, or trying to describe who I am – let alone the way I eat. World! I’m just too damn indecisive to put a label on it! 

When it comes to my recipes though, I can say that they usually can be categorized. This rawvioli  is vegan, vegetarian, and well, raw. I’m confident and totally OK with these labels (I guess because it doesn’t actually have to do with me, myself, and I…technically).

The recipe…shall we? View Post

pumpkin recipe

There isn’t anything better than a pumpkin recipe at this time of the year. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! 

I’m over the moon about these delicious little bite size pumpkin butter cups, especially because I taste tested them with my best girls and they gave them several thumbs up (thanks my ladies!). There’s only a few ingredients in these and they include a homemade pumpkin puree, some important spices, coconut butter, cacao butter, cacao powder, and an unconventional low glycemic sweetener. Can you guess what it is? View Post

cooking oils

And I don’t mean essential oils (at least not in this post). 

I want to have a conversation about the oils we use in our everyday meal prep and planning, the ones that end up in the marinade, dressing, or baked good. I want to spark some interest in questioning where your oil is coming from, how it’s processed, what it’s made of, and what’s it’s purpose. Most of all, I want to let you in on why I limit my oil intake, regardless of what Dr. Hyman is saying about coconut oil. View Post

vans girls 2016

Wearing Park & Fifth Hampton dress, Community tee, Varsity Suede Old Skool Vans

Hello fall! The sun may be setting earlier but that sunset glow is deeper now more than ever. I’m feeling it. The leaves are crispy and orange, and I’m feeling that too. 

That cool breeze won’t stop me from hitting my 90s alter-ego. A little satin number by Park & Fifth is carrying me through these in-between days, over tees or turtlenecks and letting the legs soak up the last of those remaining rays. I love Park & Fifth for being such a rad Vancouver company with lady bosses making beautiful things. I often feel so lucky to live in a city blooming with all types of creatives, hiding and seeking and waiting to bloom. And you know what? I don’t even care that this is a “wedding” dress. Rules are meant to be broken. Who says you can’t turn a babesmaid dress into an everyday look?

And what’s better than satin, skin, and sneakers? Ladylike grunge, tomboy femme, whatever you want to call it. Whether it’s Vans, Commons, or Converse…get your comfort on

How are you dressing for fall?


vans girls 2016  park and fifth vancouver carlle chatten 

sweet potato recipes fall paleo

Just in time for the weekend. Pancakes!

I know everyone is saying: Fall is my favourite season! The layers, the colours of the leaves, the moderate temperatures, the rain. But I’m like…what about all the marvellous root vegetable at the local farmers market?!

Sweet potatoes are absolutely delicious. I don’t understand people who dislike them, but we all have our things. Sweet potato is an amazing vegetable that’s sweet and savoury at the same time, something quite hard to find in the vegetable family (a “sweet” recipe with swiss chard? Um, no). A sugar-free lifestyle can be difficult, so if you optimize sweet flavours from fruits and veggies such as this, you will be shocked at the intensity of umami you can reach. View Post

paleo casserole recipe

More savory! Although it might seem easier to come up with savory dishes over sweet ones, I often find myself uninspired when it comes to working with non-sweet flavors. Don’t get me wrong. My dinners are always phenomenal (ask the boyfriend), but in regards to stunning the online community – are my daily flavor combinations that appealing? I can’t be so confidant that it’s anything out of the ordinary, nor something that will inspire. 

There’s no better way to boost confidence then to try, and try again. I find that once you take a leap of faith, you feel more comfortable to repeat it over and over. And this is exactly what I’ll start to do. I don’t eat sweet treats very often, so why not showcase how fresh produce occupies my plate day in/day out? I hope you don’t mind. 

This recipe is what happens when you combine a lot of garlic powder with cauliflower…I like to call it a scrumptiously fluffy cauliflower “gratin”. There is no bread, cheese, butter, or oil.

So what makes it a gratin knock-off? View Post

autoimmune paleo cookbooks

It’s time I let you in on my resources. My bibles. People, these are not books to gather dust on the shelves. These are very important pieces of literature (sorry if that offends). Personally, these books have shown me the way down the sugar-free, toxin-free journey of cooking, one that has led me to the place to JERF (just…eat…real…food).  As Terry Wahls mentions, everything you put into your mouth will build your cells and ultimately build your body. Time to think twice about that deep fried potato chip, amiright?

So let’s dive in! I love a good cookbook. And I’ve written a few reasons why each book is a must (and why these ones won’t ever collect dust). View Post